About the Janggu

My name is Yi Nagyeong, and I am a first year student majoring in Korean Studies. Please watch the video I prepared on the topic of Janggu.

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My classmate 신예선 makes a video about Beopgo-Buddhist drum. So If you want to know more about Korea traditional music, please click this link!

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Photos :

http://www.zhj.co.kr by Sin Gyeongsun
http://www.ewhakukak.co.kr by Jo YangHeui
http://www.kukaggi.com by Baek Eunjong
http://www.sculturein.com by Heo Junghak
http://www.moranbullkyo.co.kr by Moran
http://www.socioaldashboard.com by Socioaldashboard
http://www.en.wikipedia.org by Wikipedia
http://www.blog.sorifestival.com by Sorifestival
http://www.tour.egreennews.com by Park Hyunjun
other photos by Yi Nagyeong

Video :

By Yi Nagyeong

Information :

This site is Korean traditional music site. This page is for Janggu.


I learn Janggu during my major class. So, I think making Janggu is easy for me because I learn it now and have the instrument. Whenever I want to play the instrument, I can play Janggu. That’s why I choose the topic. Before, I choose the story of the video, I thought that I have to introduce complex information about Janggu such as kind of Janggu, history of Janggu and so on. However, I choose basic things of Janggu such as how to grip 궁글채 (mallet stick) and 열채 (bamboo stick), position when playing Janggu and so on. I think there’s lots of complex video about Janggu and I’m not expert of Janggu. People are just interested in watching Janggu performance. So, I think I have to introduce basic things of Janggu.

Because of my assignment, I have to go to the Korean traditional music performance. Most of music was traditional music. Koreans usually think that Korean traditional music is boring. They like classic music. And they think classic is high culture and Korean traditional music is low culture. I think it’s because of their prejudice. Actually, I had same idea as other people. However, after taking the Janggu class, my prejudice is changed. Before taking the class, I had no idea. However, after the class, I know how to grip 궁글채 and 열채, role of 조이개 (ropes between the two heads of the janggu) ,the position and so on. Now, I know how much difficult to play Janggu and what rhythm performer play when they play the rhythm that I learned. So, I think the best way to make ancient culture reconciled to modern world is learning the ancient culture. We have lots of opportunity to contact western classic music and learn western instrument such as piano and violin. Having lots of opportunity to contact western music make people feel familiar to the western culture. If there’s lots of opportunity to contact Korean traditional music, I think people’s prejudice will change. In my case, just little lecture changes person’s prejudice. Making lecture about learning Korean traditional instrument or having assignment about going to watch Korean traditional performance is the best way to reconcile ancient culture and modern world. If people feel familiar to Korean traditional music, then we don’t have to put effort. People will go to the traditional performance and learn traditional instrument spontaneously.

Making folklore video was hard assignment for me. Because, making video is very new to me. I didn’t know how to edit and making subtitles. Choosing topic was also hard for me. I worried giving wrong information to people who learn Korean folklore through my video. So, I chose easier topic than what my classmates chose. I thought I talk about very basic factor of Janggu. However, I learned and reminded lots of things. Especially, before making the video, I didn’t know when Janggu started to play. Janggu class is not cultural studies. It’s even my major class. However, I didn’t know about Janggu. When I realized the fact, I felt ashamed.  Through the experience, I realized the importance of learning folklore. Especially, my major is Korean studies. For being Korean studies student, I think we have to learn Korean traditional culture. I think we should learn Korean traditional instrument. If we don’t learn anything about traditional instrument, we have no chance to pay attention to traditional instrument. And I think as Korean studies student, playing Korean traditional instrument is very basic thing. Korean traditional instrument, especially Janggu is very attractive instrument. I can play drum. People usually think playing Janggu is easier than drum. However, that’s not true. Playing Janggu is more difficult. During playing Janggu, we have to breath(호흡하면서 쳐야 해요). There’s no strict tempo. The most important thing in playing Janggu is breath and feeling. Making video makes me realize the importance of learning traditional instrument.


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