Dancheong- Traditional Multicolored Paintwork

My name is Woo Jiyeon, and I am a first year student majoring in Korean Studies. Please watch the video I prepared on the topic of Dancheong.

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My classmate 이예슬 (Yi Yeseul) make a video about The past, present and future of Hanji. So If you want to know more about Hanji, please click this link!

Sources List:


  • Image by 방화동 예술가 link to {http://blog.naver.com/bangwhapulib}
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  • Image by 눈사슴 link to {http://blog.naver.com/snowdeer83}
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  • Image by 한산내기 link to {http://blog.naver.com/man0472}
  • photos by CedarBough Saej
  • other photos by Woo Jiyeon

Information :


  • 단청, Dancheong, Traditional Multicolored Paintwork

2 thoughts on “Dancheong- Traditional Multicolored Paintwork

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