My name is Bak Najeong and I am a first year student majoring in Korean Studies. Please watch the video I prepared on the topic of Hanok and enjoy it!

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Traditional wedding in Korea mostly held in 한옥. And there are dancheong in some 한옥 to make it beautiful and meaningful. Please enjoy this videos, too!

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Information :

In this semester, I should make two videos related with Korean folklore. So I think what topic is good. This assignment aim to teach foreign people Korean traditional thing. It must be clear and nice, so they have more interest about it. So I choose topics that was interested in ordinary times because I can give explanation about what I know well than what I didn’t know and have few interest. I made two video about 한옥(hanok) and 윷놀이 (yutnori). Living in a beautiful 한옥 in later days is one of my wish in bucket list. And 윷놀이 is my favorite Korean traditional game. I usually play it when I go to my grandmother’s home and meet my relatives.

And I want to talk more about 한옥(hanok) in modern Korea. As mentioned above, living in 한옥 is my big wish. I think it’s not just my dream because Korean modern people also love classical and delicate beauty of 한옥. So 한옥마을 (hanok villages) are always crowded with many tourist include foreigners and guest houses that built after the form of a Korean-style house have the call.

한옥 has not only beautiful structure, but also eco-friendly. 한옥 built in traditional way is built with materials that obtained from nature. There are no artificial materials. So it doesn’t harm the environment and people. There are some surprising examples that people who have atopy is cured by natural just lived in 한옥, not in apartment. And there are many advantage. (If you want to know more about 한옥’s advantage, please watch this video. https://koreanfolklore.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/hanok/).

But, even in such a situation, we can’t see 한옥 our nearby environment easily. We almost lived in apartment built in western way. I think it because of rapid industrialization and root up 새마을운동. That time, Korean traditional things are persecuted by government because it seems dirty and old-fashioned. Traditional thatched houses are pull down and people built western-style house. It might has to make villages look more ordered, but I think it injures Korea’s traditional spirit. From old times, Korean ancestors have aesthetics of slowness and keep the spirit of literati-scholars. But throughout modern period, Korean lost their endemism. They just follow after things done fast, quickly. Of course, this western-style life is comfortable and I’m not argue that is all bad. But just follow western-style and throw aside our tradition, it makes our society exhausted. There are no master craftsman. Why? Because people duck out on our own things.

So we need to look after our traditional thing. And I think it’s not just for cultural assets, but also about lifestyle. For this, we need to build Korean traditional style building. Nowadays, there are many building built in traditional way, it used to café or store. I think it because of 한옥’s beauty and relaxed mood. But it’s not for living. Why? 한옥 is expensive because it use nature material and there are no area in center of city. Sometimes, people built 한옥 for live, but it usually in country side because there are wide and cheaper area for 한옥.

So I tried to find solution how we make 한옥 more closer place. And I think one solution government make redevelopment area to 한옥마을 (hanok village) and parcel out the houses for low price. Then we can live in 한옥(hanok) more easily and tour incomes have created. Also people more familiar with 한옥. I think it is go for the effect of killing three birds with one stone. Of course, there are some problems that I couldn’t know and solve. But if we try to keep our tradition, it can be overcome by another solution. We should make a common interest and effort for keep Korean tradition.


2 thoughts on “Hanok

  1. This is fantastic! I love the diction (word choice) and how you provided excellent visual examples as well! I really like how you combined scientific explanation with sociology while really respecting tradition. Your juxtaposition of the past and present was excellent. I also liked the helpful tips for travelers too. Are you planning on working for the Tourism Board? 🙂


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