Obangsaek- 5 Cardinal Colors

My name is Woo Jiyeon, and I am a first year student majoring in Korean Studies. Please watch the video I prepared on the topic of Dancheong.

Related Videos List:

Two student videos related to Korean Mask dance drama include one about Hahoe Byeolsingut Talnori, and one about Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeongeuk.”

Sources List:

Photos :

  • Ogwangdae photos by CedarBough Saej
  • other photos by Woo Jiyeon

Information :


  • 오방색, Obangsaek, 음양오행설, Yin-Yang and five element theory, five cardinal colors

12 thoughts on “Obangsaek- 5 Cardinal Colors

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  2. Awesome!!! Your video is so unique, and you did your best. I was very happy to watch new method of making video. I really notice your video to others, my friends.!!!!! You are so great!


  3. It was gooood time to watch your video. I saw your many many effort for making your video. Your video was all hand maded and looks so cute!!! You explained well and made people interested in your video. And also using Korean and English together is also good. Because it makes people know well not experiencing problem of Romanization. So, If foreigner has problem about understanding word, using both language makes them understand well!:) Thank you for making your video and letting me have chance to watch your video clip!


  4. 완성도 면에서 정말 돋보였던 동영상이었던 것 같습니다 특히 오방색 개념을 직접 만든 그림으로 쉽게 표현했고 그 표현하는데 있어서도 우블리블리의 창의력을 볼 수 있었던…….진짜 완성도 있는 영상이었던 것 같아용ㅎㅎㅎ


  5. 정말 역대급 동영상이예여 진짜 제 취향저격하셨네여 내용도 너무 재밌어요ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 진짜 우지여니 니가 최고예영!!!!


  6. 눈에 쏙쏙 들어오는 아기자기한 영상이 너무 예쁘고 오방색에 대해서 자세히 설명돼있어서 좋아요! 고생한 흔적이 많이 보여요ㅠㅠ영상 만드느라 정말 수고했어요~


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