Bowing in Korea

Hello! My name is Yang Ha-eon. I’m a first year student of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies. I want to explain to you aboout different kinds of bowing and how to bow.

Related Videos List:  hope you enjoy it!! And also please watch my another video about Korea’s traditional wedding ceremony. Bowing plays an important role in traditional events! So, it will be interesting and helpful.

Sources List



  • All videos by Yang Ha-eon and Yang Jun-ryeol


  • Gim Jaeha – “Geomungo Sanjo”

7 thoughts on “Bowing in Korea

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  2. 한복이 너무 에쁘고 절 하는 법 정말 정확하고 자세히 설명해줘서 고맙습니다~설날에는 제대로 써먹어 볼게요!


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