In the fall of 2014 eighteen students enrolled in a class on Korean Folklore. The topic is large, extremely thoroughly researched and also somewhat contentious. After a lot of thought, I decided to focus the class on seasonal customs, spending one week on each lunar month of the year. This meant that we reviewed information that my 17 Koreans students knew already, as well as covering some rarely observed (in present-day Korea) traditional customs. We also discussed (extensively) how Korean customs are changing. To make their coursework more relevant and important than simply a method of grading, I decided to build this website, with each student responsible for two videos that would hopefully be viewed by English speakers interested in knowing more about Korean culture. Some students focused on an object connected to customs, others looked at performances or festivals. A few decided to tackle modern customs, instead of the modern iteration of customs with a longer history. The final results are visible on this page. We hope very much that you enjoy the videos (and if you do, encouraging feedback would be greatly appreciated).

CedarBough Saeji and eighteen freshmen from the Department of Korean Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Yongin, Republic of Korea



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