Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeongeuk

My name is Yi Hyejin, and I am a first year student majoring in Korean Studies. Please watch the video I prepared on the topic of Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeongeuk

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Sources List:

Made by Yi Hyejin

Interview thanks to Ju Gyeonghwan




“도라지”- Sung by 그림


Materials prepared by the Preservation Association of Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeon-geuk


Korean mask dance drama, Gwanno gamyeongeuk, 강릉관노가면극, 관노가면극


4 thoughts on “Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeongeuk

  1. You are good to interview human cultural assets. And your voice in the video is so clear to listen. 🙂 AWESOME – from your best friend –


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