How to make a Korean Kite

Hello, my name is Gwon Seon-gyeong. I am a first grade student who major in Korean studies at Hankuk university of foreign studies. The reason why I made this video is to let you know how to make a Korean kite. Please enjoy this video. Thank you.

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I linked my class mate’s video clip. It is about Korean traditional board game. In the old days, many people playing not only flying kites, but also this game, Yutnori.  And there are a video that introduce Hanji. Hanji is the body of Korean kites. So if you want to know that, please watch it.

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All of the videos by Gwon Seon-gyeong.

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한국민족문화대백과 accessed on 11/07/2014.


Korean kites, Bangpai kite, Stingray kite,

Please attach the sticks to the paper with tape.

On November 21th, in 2014, I made and uploaded two videos, which are about ‘Korean kites’ and ‘Joseon dynasty ID card: Hopae’. I have felt and learned many things, so I am going to write about what I felt through making ‘Korean kites’ video. And I really thought Korean children need to have enough chances to meet Korean traditional toys and how to make them. Although nowadays people don’t used to flying kites often, we need to know and keep our tradition. Making two videos, I realized that knowing faintly is meaningless. We should understand tradition and folklore.

First, I could learn how to make Korean kites basically. Before making video, I had knew it, because I also have gone through an elementary school. But no matter how I made it in the past, at that time I was helped by mother and teacher. This time was the actual first time that I made kites by myself. Making the two types of kites, I knew that it is not easy. Since they are a kind of toy, even for children, I had thought it would easy. However, kites have complicated structure. It was so difficult to make the degree of bended paper and bamboos proper. The balance of a kite should fit perfect so that to fly the kite. If it doesn’t meet, the kite cannot fly. So it is quite hard. The very sophisticated difference can make the kite if the kite flies high or not.

Searching and gathering information, I could gain other information which has no direct relationship with Korean kites, such as Greek and Chinese kites, what Koreans did on Jeongwol Daeboreum, and even what recent children learn in their school. And most of children learned how to make a Korean kite just as a momentary experience. They are so far from Korean folklore culture, and it is more difficult especially in their everyday lives. When I searched them, I just found such eventual experiences. There are all posting about their special experiences. I thought that if children play with Korean folklore toys, for instance flying kites and doing kite fighting with their friends after school, they can make Korean folklore toy culture perpetuate.

Last, we have lacked chances to learn about Korean folklore like Korean kites. Not only lack of children’s chance, but also materials is a big problem. Actually it is more serious with ‘Hopae: the Joseon dynasty ID card’ rather than kites. I searched on Youtube, but there are no video which handled about hopae. My video is not perfect, though, when you search hopae, mine is ranked on the first line. It has same result even when you search in Korean. This is very obvious case. Nevertheless, kites video also is ranked on the fourth line. I was happy since my videos can be viewed easily, but on the other hand, I was also sorry that there are not enough videos or materials what explain about Korean folklore.

Starting to make this video, I considered it only an assignment. But after I finished making it, I got more knowledge than I expected. So it was really useful experience. And it made me have a think that we need to have enough chances to meet Korean traditional toys and how to make them. And not only toys, but also every valuable traditional thing is come under. Since I learned lots of things about Korean kites and our precious tradition, I hope other children and even adults know and keep it. Therefore I think that Korean children should have many chances to access Korean traditions and also Korean kites.


3 thoughts on “How to make a Korean Kite

  1. I would like to have seen how you attached the sticks to the back of the kite. I also would like to have seen some children flying the kites.


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